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Mobile game graphics

2021 Casual mobile game graphics Skills Up school Mobile game concept and graphics​ Casual mobile game graphics are typically characterized by simplicity, vibrant colors, and a user-friendly design. These games often feature cartoonish or stylized visuals that are easy on the eyes and appeal to a broad audience. The art style is generally uncomplicated, with […]

Kalevala interactive comics

11/2017 – 6/2018  Bachelor’s graduation project Study placePeter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Key skills Multimedia design Game design Visual design Research Finno-Karelian epic poem Kalevala Interactive comics prototype Kalevala is a national Finno-Karelian epic poem, and it serves as an amazing source of inspiration for many artists, including myself. For my Bachelor’s graduation project, […]

KIELA Art Project

1/2019– 6/2019 Researcher SkillsService design, research, project management, gamification KIELA Art Project I participated in the KIELA Art Project in collaboration with YIT as part of my Master’s thesis. The large shared parking hall was a plain space in need of art to enhance the daily lives of its residents. My primary objective was to […]

Muistimetsä. Game prototype

10/2022 – 8/2023  Digital Usability Specialist WorkplaceUniversity of Lapland, Active Arctic project ResponsibilitiesUI/UX Design and Research, Visual Design, Game Design, 2D Game Graphics ToolsFigma, Adobe Photoshop Active Arctic ​ Elevating Memory Support: Game Prototype One of the pilot projects within Active Arctic involved the creation of a game prototype based on the FINGER model, designed […]