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10/2022 – 8/2023 

Digital Usability Specialist

University of Lapland, Active Arctic project

UI/UX Design and Research, Visual Design,
Web Design, Game Design

Figma, Miro, Adobe Premiere

Active Arctic ​

Weltti: A One-Stop Online Well-being platform ​

Weltti is a proof of concept prototype that was designed as part of Active Arctic pilot series as a result of the collaborative workshop with entrepreneurs from the IT and healthcare sectors.

My role in the project:

Collaborating closely with service designer Jouni Kärkkäinen we we engaged in ideation sessions to conceptualise key features, created drafts of the user interface, made decisions on development, designed and conducted testing rounds throughout the development process to refine and optimise the user interface and overall user experience.

As a UX designer, I focused on crafting user flows, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. I prioritised effective information architecture and accessibility, ensuring a user-friendly navigation experience. I iteratively refined the structure based on test results and feedback from potential users.

Crafting Weltti


There are over 500 local micro and small businesses well-being service providers in Lapland region. Many entrepreneurs encounter the challenge of creating an online presence making it possible for customers to reach them. Lapland is characterised by long distances between settlements so it is difficult to widen the customer base with only physically available services.

The proposal:

Unified platform simple in use both for entrepreneurs and end customers, that offers a booking system and online study environment.

Platform is called upon to encompass:

  • Booking system for appointments, guided exercise sessions, wellbeing events
  • Purchase and checkout system
  • Pre-recorded videos for exercising at home (Yoga/ fitness/ pilates etc.)
  • Video instructions for independent exercise at gym
  • User page with personal step by step plan for reaching selected goals (rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness)
  • Calendar
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Member card collection
  • QR code key pass (for 24/7 gym access for instance)


As the central idea of the pilot was a test of the idea (proof of concept) we made the decision to focus work on scenarios for the end user and test interactive prototype both with entrepreneurs and potential end users.


Analysis of the instagram audience of various wellbeing services in Finland reveals that the most typical user would be 25-50 years old women with an active lifestyle.Our focus was on health-conscious individuals seeking a comprehensive platform that combines booking of appointments with wellbeing experts and accessing online learning resources for independent self-improvement.


The purpose of Weltti is to make local well-being services more accessible, thereby enhancing the vitality of the region and increasing the visibility and collaboration of small businesses.

Examples of categories:

  • Mental health
  • Exercise/Sports
  • Beauty
  • Nutrition
  • Greencare
  • Work wellbeing
  • Seniors’ health
  • Juniors’ health

Additional features that could be incorporated:

  • OmaKanta integration
  • Smart device integration (watch, bands, rings)
  • Possibility to order wellbeing products offered by local companies
  • Make local organisations (järjestöt)
  • Ordering services on behalf of relatives (elderly care)
  • Ordering services as gifts

Furthermore, recognizing the diverse needs of different well-being companies, we crafted use-case scenarios to set of services they offer. This fortified the platform’s viability and user relevance. An example of this was our partnership with Aslakin Liike, a gym located in Kittilä, where we tested an interactive prototype alongside a static printouts within comprehensive questionnaire.

To wrap up the outcomes we delved use-case videos for enterprises like Kotihoitto Ulpukka (elderly care) and TMI Polku (work counseling). These videos, along with a questionnaire, helped to gather feedback, drawing insights from varied perspectives.

Pioneering Change in Sparsely Populated Areas

My work within the Active Arctic project was nothing short of transformative. Through “Weltti” and the memory-supportive game prototype, I contributed to pioneering digital solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. The experience illuminated the power of collaboration, empathy-driven design, and iterative enhancement in sculpting solutions that cater to real-life needs. As the project continues to shape the digital landscape of sparsely populated regions, I’m honored to have been a part of this journey towards enhancing well-being and quality of life. 


If you are a developer or a startup and wish to continue developing this concept, contact University of Lapland ella.bjorn(at) or Lapin AMK tuuli.tikkanen(at) for further details.

You are welcome to test prototype via link or qr-code below (interface in Finnish).