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Workshop Valo 11.8.2021 04 WEB


Workshop designer and facilitator

Lapland Artist Association
Galleria Napa


Sense of Arctic

The workshop was organized as part of the conference at the exhibition “Wiping the Ice-Cream Off Your Face” in Gallery Valo, Arktikum, Rovaniemi. The workshop’s objective was to create Arctic personas. Participants engaged in discussions about the elements they wished to include in these personas and their reasons for doing so. The conversations spanned a wide range of topics, including:

  • Consumption of resources, mining, mass production, and recycling
  • Natural attractions and cultural experiences
  • Experiences of living in Lapland
  • Food culture in Russia and Finland
  • Personal connections to cultural backgrounds and surroundings

During the workshop, participants designed paper dolls that represented their vision of the Arctic and Arctic-related issues. The process of visualization and discussion provided a platform for articulating their concerns and hopes, enabling them to share these thoughts with others.

Check video with animated Arctic personas here.