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Workshop Napa 5.9.2021 05 WEB


Workshop designer and facilitator

Lapland Artist Association
Galleria Napa


Exploring Collaboration Through Paper theatre​

Young artists, curators, and cultural enthusiasts were invited to discuss collaboration as a part of the “Kamppailu / Fight” exhibition (Young Arctic Artists 2021). Aim of the workshop was to explore the concept of collaboration using creative and service design methods. Participants defined key actors, objectives, and brainstormed tools and methods to achieve those goals. Following this, participants formed four teams and created props for a paper theatre, devising a play that conveyed their vision of collaboration. This resulted in the creation of four stop-motion animation videos featuring paper theatres.
The workshop was facilitated by Alina Korotovskaia @alina.ruardy. And implemented in collaboration with Galleria Napa and the Lapland Artist Association.


Team Yellow ✨ Lei, Narumi Yamamoto, Aleksi Soukka, Misia Siennicka

Team Red ✨ Team of Eve Schroeder and Viktória Citráková

Team Blue ✨ Team of Chaewon Lee, Anne Rusch, Serge Yang, and Zhiwei Guan

Team Green ✨ Julian Fleischer and Kateřina Lebedová