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1/2019– 6/2019


Service design, research, project management, gamification

KIELA Art Project

I participated in the KIELA Art Project in collaboration with YIT as part of my Master’s thesis. The large shared parking hall was a plain space in need of art to enhance the daily lives of its residents. My primary objective was to devise an effective approach for involving KIELA apartment residents in the design process within the project’s framework. To facilitate this, a board game was developed for use during workshops, encouraging tenants to come together and deliberate over the concept’s finer details.

Thesis "Board game for participatory design"

Following research is focused on exploration of possibilities of using board games as a service design tool. This paper aims to provide a widened perspective on understanding of board games in context of service design and participatory design. Strategy can be defined as arts-based action research, and was used during work on the KIELA Art Project in Rovaniemi, Finland. First part of the results is an “Artventure” board game that was created to engage people into a design process and be used in a participatory workshop with KIELA tenants. It aimed to enhance dialog between participants, to encourage them to reflect on visual representation of the concept. The second part is an exhibition that presented the process of working on the KIELA Art Project. The report consists of literature review, that includes research on aspects of game design, service design, storytelling and participatory methods of designing public art. Research methods chapter contains research paradigm, research strategy, data interpretation methods and description of an exhibition as a research method. In chapter KIELA art project the description of a project is given. “Artventure” board game chapter includes description of game structure, iterative design, concept development, challenges and development opportunities.